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Wedding favors are a must for the special day.

Wedding favors are the ideal way for the happy couple to express their gratitude to their guests for sharing their special day with them. On a day that is all about the newly married couple, thoughtfully chosen wedding favors are a subtle and gracious way of turning the table upon their guests. Regardless of your budget, wedding favors are a must for the special day.

Wedding favors can be as unique and special as the bride and groom themselves, and by choosing wedding favors that are expressive of themselves and the love that is shared between them, the couple ensure that they bestow a personal gift that will remind the guest of a happy day long after the revelry is over. Whether the choice is of a practical gift, or something with more levity, wedding favors are a small but precious keepsake of a special day.

Wedding favors can be as unique as the couple themselves, but there are many tokens that are traditionally given to guests as an expression of appreciation. These traditional wedding favors include practical items that can be used on a daily basis, bringing something of the wedding spirit into an ordinary day. Photo frames, or silver bottle openers are time-honored wedding favor gifts.

Wedding party favors often include more transitory things, like chocolates, or a candle, things to bring joy when they are used later. Weddings are all about exuberance and joy, and many couples like to spread this sentiment in the wedding party favors they bestow. Luxury items, like bath salts, are often given as wedding favors, as well as other beauty items, to recreate for the guest later, the feeling of peace and happiness that fills a wedding day.

A wedding favor is a simple thing, a small expression of love and gratitude that says far more than belied by its size or financial worth. On a day that celebrates love and great joy, wedding favors are a simple gesture from the couple to share something of the overwhelming emotion they feel with the people that they love.

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